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I Miss You (K-Drama)

Kali ini aku hendak coretkan prihal Cerita korea kegemaran ku ..
Setiap hari , aku menonton cerita2 korea di dalam perbagai Slot.
Yang terbaharu ni ialah Slot Saranghae... Movie2 korea.
Dan jugak Chamsarang .. KBS yang bertajuk ( I MISS YOU )
Soundtrack dia aku suka sangat .. Lagu ( wax (왁스) - 떨어진다 눈물이 (tears are falling) [i miss you ost]) 
Agak sedih ~ KBS MBC yangg bergenre kan Mellow Romance dah berjaya membuat aku menangis ~ Walaupun aku tidak mengikuti dari mula , Namun aku mengerti jalan ceritanya ..

 15 year old Lee Soo-yeon (Kim So-hyun) is a victim of bullying at school, targeted because her father was a murderer. Through a series of fated events, she meets Han Jung-woo (Yeo Jin-goo), the son of a chaebol and gangster. Jung-woo protects Soo-yeon from the bullies and they soon fall in love. One day, a terrible incident happens and the two, Soo-yeon and Jung-woo, are kidnapped.
Kang Hyung-joon's mother, the mistress of Jung-woo's grandfather, and Jung-woo's father have been fighting over big sum of money. She finally succeeds in moving the money to a Swiss bank with the help of her nurse Jun Hye-mi. Wanting to leave Korea safely with Hyung-joon as soon as possible, Hye-mi orders Jung-woo to be kidnapped until they can flee. However, due to an unexpected accident during the time when Jung-woo and Soo-yeon are both kidnapped, they became separated and Soo-yeon is presumed to be dead. However, Hyung-joon has saved Soo-yeon's life and she flees the country with Hyung-joon and Hye-mi.
Fourteen years later, Jung-woo (now Park Yoo-chun) is now a homicide detective and has set his mind on finding Soo-yeon, believing that she is not dead. Soo-yeon (now Yoon Eun-hye) is now known as Zoe Lou, a rookie fashion designer who appears to have a bright personality, but still carries the emotional scars of her past inside her. Fate leads to the meeting of the two, but Zoe is unforgiving towards Jung-woo for abandoning her during the kidnapping. Meanwhile, Kang Hyung-joon (Yoo Seung-ho), rich with the money his mother took from Han family, returns to Korea for revenge. He appears warm and nice, but turns out to be a psychopathic murderer and uses the alias Harry Borrison to get his revenge on Jung-woo's father for murdering his mother.
 Aku cuma Copy Dri Wiki ~ Cerita yang best!